Waypoint House

Address: 211 S Church St. Berryville, Va    Reservation Line: 540-955-8218

Our History

The History of Waypoint House

We are delighted to share the history of our home with our guests. Waypoint House was built in 1884 as the home for Miss Nannie Wilmer McGuire, daughter of Dr. William McGuire and Nancy Boyd McGuire.

Nannie in the Parlor

Nannie in the Parlor

Nannie was first cousin to Dr. Hunter Holmes McGuire, the noted physician who was  the Chief Surgeon in General Stonewall Jackson’s Corps during the Civil War.  Dr. Hunter McGuire was the surgeon who performed the amputation of General Jackson’s arm in an attempt to save his life after the General was a casualty of friendly fire at the Battle of Chancellorsville.  Additionally, Nannie’s younger brother, William, went on to marry the daughter of Hunter McGuire and Mary Stuart McGuire.

Nannie never married, but was active at Grace Episcopal Church (where she is buried today, just four blocks away), and was avid about music as evidenced by the fact that we still have part of the shipping crate in which her piano was sent to the house!

The house changed hands only a handful of times over the years.  Through deed records, we believe we are the sixth owners of the house.  Prior to becoming Waypoint House, the home was known as The Lost Dog Bed and Breakfast for 13 years.

Why the Name “Waypoint House?”

We are often asked why we chose the name “Waypoint House.”  Pilots, sailors and travelers of all types know that a waypoint is a distinctive feature or a known set of coordinates from which to navigate by.  Considering the 130 year history of our home, and the fact that it has been refuge to passing travelers for many years, we feel that this home is certainly a waypoint in Berryville, and we intend for it to be so for many more years to come!