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It’s Our Two Year Anniversary!

Can you believe it? Today is our two year anniversary of opening the doors here at Waypoint House! We’ve had such a busy spring, that this slipped up on us pretty quickly.

So, how about a little update since my last post? Despite the rough winter, the garden mostly pulled through like a champ.  The tulips, daffodils, irises, peonies, and roses all bloomed nicely.  Now the many varieties of lilies are showing their colors.  The sage, mint and oregano in the herb garden all came back and flourished.  The vegetable garden is starting to come along nicely also, though we did seem to be behind a few weeks because of the cooler temperatures.

We finished up some exterior painting that was part of our 2013 Renovation Plan but got put on hold due to the cold that came in so quickly in November.  Now we are taking on a Summer project of beautifying the back deck.  It was already a pretty nice place to relax, but we are adding a few nice finishing touches there.

We seem to have a little mourning dove family that has decided it wants to nest in the eaves of the back porch ceiling.  The ceiling is “unfinished” and our plan was to cap it off completely, but now, “Bay #2” of the eaves will remain permanently open for this little family.  They nest in the same place year after year and mate for life.  They hatched one brood this spring already and it was a real treat to see the young birds learning to fly in the sanctuary of our backyard!  Two more eggs are currently in the nest, so I guess mama and papa dove trust us being around!  I suppose we should name them now!

The start of this new year also gave us the chance to introduce some packages and special add-ons to the rooms.  If you haven’t seen what we have to offer check out our Specials page here on the website – https://waypointhouse.com/reservations/promotions-specials/.  We’ve got more planned too, so stay tuned for that!

All in all, we are enjoying being busy and greeting guests each week!  We are so happy to be here on our anniversary, looking back at all we have accomplished in such a short time.   More importantly, we look forward to the many more things we can do to give our patrons the very best experience while visiting here!

Thank you to all of the wonderful people who have stayed with us in the last two years.  It was a pleasure meeting all of you!  Come back and see us again soon, or, if this is your first time visiting our site and you’ve not yet had a chance to come stay with us, go ahead and give us a call to make your reservation.  We’d love the opportunity to meet you, too!

With All Our Gratitude,

Rachael and Jonathan Worsley


Dove Nest

Dove Nest

Lilies in the Waypoint House Gardens

Lilies in the Waypoint House Gardens