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A Fine Saturday

Our Open House went very well yesterday, and though it seemed like a race to get to the finish line, it felt great to get there.  Very special thanks go out to The Berryville Grille and Sweet Surrender Bakery who made contributions to our buffet as well as TSC Photography for letting us use his prints throughout the house.  And, thank you to Jonathan Worsley for taking all the beautiful room shots which now grace this website!

After the sprint to get ready for yesterday, we took a mini break today, if you will.  That means we slept in until 9am, had our coffee on the front porch, took a leisurely walk….then got to work!  And in actuality, our “leisurely walk” also had a double purpose.  We went to find the original owner of the house.  Yes, for all you history buffs out there, Ms. Nannie W McGuire, the original owner of this house, is buried just four blocks away at Grace Episcopal Church, on the same side of the street that this house sits.  It was pretty cool actually.  Literally, if you go out the front door of the house and walk four blocks north, there Nannie rests.  I think she would be pretty proud that her house continues to bring joy to many people and that all can come and see her wonderful home.  Thank you also to Mike Radinsky for the research on the McGuire family.


Nannie W McGuire

Nannie W McGuire

McGuire Family Memorial, Grace Episcopal Church, Berryville, VA

McGuire Family Memorial

Nannie in the Parlor

Nannie in the Parlor

So after our history lesson on this leisurely Saturday morning, we felt like we could work on some things that had been lower on the priority list, like cleaning out the garage.  But, we still have plenty more things to do.  We actually decided to do some more painting today as well, which means Jonathan is currently upstairs repairing a few plaster cracks in preparation for fresh paint.  We also have quite a bit of PR work to do, and that’s all me.  Some good news is that I have an interview with a reporter from the Winchester Star on Monday morning, so if and when that article comes out, I’ll be sure to let everyone know!

Plaster Repair, Traveler's Retreat Room

Plaster Repair, Traveler’s Retreat Room



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