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We had the luxury of hiring a professional painter to do three rooms in the house so far, but the budget dictated that the next project had to be all us.  Painting is definitely the quickest way to make a big change in a room, but easy, it ain’t.  It’s a lot of labor.  Especially when you are talking about 10-foot ceilings and plaster walls.  But, after today, we can see a big change and I’m looking forward to a bright sunny dining room where I will serve breakfast!  Today I worked all day on just priming the trim alone.  There’s a lot of trim in the room.  Tomorrow I’ll do the first coat on the walls and then the trim will get its final coat of semi-gloss.

This week we also got the landscaping done, and our jungle looks like a presentable yard again.  We are still working on acquiring the last necessary pieces of furniture for the rooms, and we’ll be ready for photos for the website very soon.

So, here are some before and after photos to hold you over.  I PROMISE that real, quality photos of the rooms are coming soon!



Dining room, before painting with dark trim
Dining room, with trim primed
The jungle of our yard
Backyard after landscaping

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