Waypoint House

Address: 211 S Church St. Berryville, Va    Reservation Line: 540-955-8218


Apologies for the Long Absence…

So, as you all can see, it has been a very long time since I updated the blog on the website.  I have posted frequently on our Facebook page, but I realized that not everyone (believe it or not) has a Facebook account, so why not take the couple extra minutes and post our happenings on the web page too?  So, here we are.

The days have flown by quickly, and we have been busy which is great!  October was particularly wonderful and we met lots of terrific guests.  We have survived Superstorm Sandy, and are very grateful for that, and now the weather has taken a turn, and it is sure starting to feel like winter here! But, we are staying super toasty warm and are featuring roaring fires in the front parlor fireplace on Friday and Saturday nights for guests.  You just want to take off your shoes, pick out a favorite beverage and sit a while.  We also have a library of board games to choose from, so it’s a great time to relax and play a game!

Front Parlor Fireplace, Waypoint House B+B

Front Parlor Fireplace, Waypoint House B+B

Come visit us soon!


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