Waypoint House

Address: 211 S Church St. Berryville, Va    Reservation Line: 540-955-8218


Progress Continues!

We have been moving along at warp speed!  In the last 3 days we have had a lot of work done!  The old oil tanks have been replaced in the basement, the old boiler is out and the new one is currently being installed, the masonry work on the foundation is complete, painting has begun in the Shore Room, the porch repair has started, and the electrician has been working on the new ceiling fan installation and the new lighting in the laundry room.  Whew!  And we keep going…

Everything is progressing nicely though, and for now (knock on wood), we still seem to be mostly on schedule.  By early next week I should be able to share the photos of the updated Shore Room with you.  I am very excited for that!  For now, here’s another group of photos of all the fun going on around here:


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