Waypoint House

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The Work Begins

We’ve had a very busy first day and a half here.  We jumped right into the renovations by attacking the Shore Room.  We’ve been wanted to give this room a little TLC for a while now, and boy is she getting the treatment.

Jonathan started by removing the moldings from the window, as they could hold no more paint and needed to be stripped down.  The window sills were also pretty caked with paint layers, so we stripped them back to the original wood.  It’s amazing to see the history of the house in paint layers!  I’ve been busy removing wall paper.  The accent wall – where the bed is – had wall paper.  That all came down and the wall got a thorough cleaning.

Jonathan has also been busy repairing plaster cracks – mostly in the corners of the room.  The top molding came down and will be replaced, as some of it had shifted over the years and was not lining up properly.  The toe kick, also caked with paint layers and pulling away from the wall in places, was removed and new toe kick will take its place.  Additionally, there were some less-than-sturdy shelves in the closet, and those have come out and we will be installing a new closet system.

Coming up, we will also be installing a new ceiling fan and relocating it to the center of the room.  It’s off-center now, and that has always driven Jonathan crazy!  The electrician comes in later this to assist with that.

Pretty soon we’ll be able to start with the painting!  We’ve got some nice colors picked out and I can’t wait to get going with that!  We also hope to do a custom headboard, so that will be a fun project to share with you all.

Here are some photos for you all to see of the progress/mess we have made so far!  I am looking forward to when we can reconstruct the room and I can share the before and after photos!

There are lots more projects on the horizon, so there will be more updates soon!


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