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INNspiration at Annual Bed and Breakfast Conference

Jonathan and I recently attended the Annual Bed and Breakfast Association of Virginia Conference and, as always, I walked away inspired and ready to take on new tasks! We’ve had a week now to digest and process all the information we downloaded, and now it’s time to see if we can put some of those ideas in action.

Running your own business means you are constantly innovating to find new and better ways to do things. It’s no exception for innkeepers. We strive for a consistency in terms of superior service that our guests have come to expect, and I think we have found a really good business model that roots itself in providing modern, comfortable accommodations while reflecting old fashioned hospitality and service. It can be easy to slide into complacency once you’ve found a groove, but that’s definitely NOT something we want to do here. We are constantly looking for fresh ideas to help complement our business. So, if we can find a new way to reach more guests, or a new product that will increase the comfort of our guests once they arrive, we’re up for giving it a try.

This conference has me thinking of all kinds of great things from blog ideas to room décor upgrades, new breakfast recipes and more. I’m looking forward to working on these ideas and then sharing with you all over the coming months as we continue to innovate and implement a better and more unique B+B experience. I hope to see you back here much more frequently. We’re looking forward to a stellar 2015!

Bed and Breakfast Association of Virginia

Bed and Breakfast Association of Virginia